What we offer to other educators...

  • Our annual NLL conference deals with many classroom management issues and other relevant topics specifically for teachers. 
  • Teachers can visit our campus and classrooms.
  • Our "Barriers to Learning" workshop can be conducted at your school for your staff.
  • Children can be referred for assessments such as scholastic assessments, speech and language assessments and occupational therapy assessments.
  • We can mentor young, inexperienced teachers and provide ongoing advice and assistance.
  • We can visit your classroom and assist with regards to your classroom layout, remedial resources, management strategies, etc.
  • We can advise on managing children with anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia and/or dyscalculia, defiant and disruptive behaviours, poor handwriting, and low motivation or poor work ethic. 

Important Reminders

NOW FOR 2019


Parent Evening - 18 Oct
Golf day - 19 Oct

HS exams start - 23 Oct
Gov Council - 24 Oct
Prize giving - 8 Nov
Gr7 exams start - 15 Nov
PS exams start - 19 Nov
HS exams end - 29 Nov
End of Term - 7 Dec
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