1. How much are the school fees?
Our current fees structure can be found under INFO & FEES.

2. Do you offer any discounts or bursaries?
Parents can apply for a bursary, once the child has been at the school for a minimum of 12 months. 

3. What sports can my child do after school?
Dynza Sport manage all our sport and this includes cricket, tennis, hockey, soccer, golf and chess. Karate is also offered privately.

4. Do you do the same curriculum that other schools do?
Yes, we follow the CAPS curriculum and write the same external exams.

5. What subjects do you offer in Grade 10 - 12?
English HL, Afrikaans FAL, Maths OR Maths Literacy, LO, Life Science OR Tourism, Business Studies and CAT

6. What else does my school fee include?
Every child has access to counselling or play therapy, if this has been recommended, as well as the Neuronet programme in Grades 1-3 and the LAB on LINE remedial reading programme in Grades 4 - 9. The pupil/teacher ratio is 5:1 which allows for a more personalized approach in the classroom. Our multi-disciplinary team led by our SENCO, is always on hand to offer any advice or support to parents. Contact details for each team member is on the website. Proper exam preparation ensures that pupils are well-prepared and organised and concessions such as separate venues or scribes are also provided. 

7. What other therapies do you offer?
The following therapies are not included in school fees but are offered during the school day:
Speech Therapy
Remedial Therapy
Occupational Therapy

8. Are you a mainstream school?
Yes, we offer the same curriculum that is followed at other schools but we include a lot of classroom support for our students. We also offer a vocational option and currently have 3 classes. 

9. How do I know that Elsen is the right fit for my child?
We offer a no obligation week's visit to give your child an opportunity to experience us for themselves. This week also allows us to get to know your child and see what his/her needs are. At the end of the week, we will meet with you to make the final decision. This week can be extended if necessary. 

10. How big are your classes?
Classes are no bigger than 14. In some cases, we have teacher assistants that co-teach with our teachers. Therapists are also often seen in class adding extra support. 

11. Is there a school uniform?
We have a summer and a winter uniform. Pupils in Grades 4 - 12 wear blazers and ties.

12. What communication will I receive?
We make use of bulksms for important announcements or sport cancellations. Teachers send daily homework emails and regulalrly inform parents about projects or assignments that are due. We also have a Facebook page and a website that is kept current. Minutes from LSP meetings and case conferences are also sent home. 

13. Do you offer an after-care programme?
After-care is offered for parents who work. There is also a homework centre that supervises and completes homework for children in Grades 4 - 7.

14. How can parents get involved?
At the beginning of every year, a list is sent home with some of the areas where help from parents is needed, i.e. invigilating during exams, providing flowers for the lobby, contributing prizes to golf day or other fundraising events. 

15. What if my child is not able to manage the academic curriculum?
Fortunately, we do have various options and categories of support that are offered. Once your child is accepted, he/she is placed according to the amount of support and intervention that is needed. Categories 1 - 3 involve mainstream with some supportive therapies or interventions (if necessary). Category 4 refers to mainstream with some modified areas such as maths and/or exam concessions. If your child is on a category 4 and is still not coping adequately, it might be necessary to consider the vocational stream. These classes have been created with the objective to develop our children into independent, skilled and productive adults. We focus on 3 main areas, i.e. literacy, functional maths and life skills. We also offer woodwork, cooking, computer literacy, gardening and some basic barista skills. 

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